Sunday, January 24

Philadelphia Freedom

What can you find in Philadelphia? The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Rocky – and me. My friend Amanda was in Philadelphia this week for a sales demo. Since she’d never been to Philadelphia before, she wanted to stay a couple of extra days and she asked me to join her. It was great taking a couple of days to just be tourists. I really appreciated the fact that there weren’t that many other tourists around – nobody should be allowed to be a tourist except me, right?

We went to Reading Terminal Market on Friday morning for breakfast. There was so much to choose from, but we finally stopped at a creperie. Here is my Caramel, Strawberry, Peach crepe. It was delicious!

The Thinker outside the Rodin Museum

We ran up the Rocky Stairs in front of the Art Museum. I bought the Rocky Theme on my iPhone to play while we ran up the stairs (see my iPhone still in my hand?). It was quite inspirational - and we ran all the way up. I was impressed that I wasn't very winded. Go me!!

Philadelphia from the top of the Rocky stairs

Independence Hall

This is the room where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution was signed. I can't imagine how hot and smelly this room would have been in July (filled with dozens and dozens of men).

The Chinese Friendship Gate. I was surprised to learn that Philadelphia has the third largest Chinatown in the country (third to New York and San Francisco). Weird!

Saturday, January 23

This is what winter tourists look like

Last week I had the opportunity of going to New York City…again. This time I was with a couple of friends/co-workers. Amanda and I even stayed an extra day to sightsee. I’ll say one thing, New York in the winter BEFORE Christmas is a totally different looking experience than New York in the winter AFTER Christmas.

Huge Reuben from Carnegie deli

Washington Square Arch

We had huge sandwiches on Monday (or Tuesday), and weren't hungry for dessert, so we decided to come back later in the week and ONLY order dessert. YUMMY!

Scandalous billboard near Times Square