Saturday, January 17

Baby, it’s cold outside

The past several days in Pittsburgh have been very cold, like below-freezing cold. It was 12 degrees one morning, 7 degrees another morning, and 2 degrees another morning. However, as I was driving to the airport this morning, this is what my car registered as the outside temperature (OK, this isn’t MY car – my phone wouldn’t take a good picture, but my co-worker’s phone did). I haven't been this cold since I was last in Alaska.

When I arrived back to Utah, it was 34 degrees – only 2 degrees above freezing, and yet, 47 degrees higher than Pittsburgh. I didn’t even wear my coat…

Wednesday, January 14

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... in January

As you may know, I’m still in Pittsburgh this week. Today, Amanda and I decided we needed a break away from the office, so, in spite of the 15-degree temperature, icy sidewalks, and falling snow, we walked to the Oyster House for lunch. The Oyster House is a local restaurant that serves fish sandwiches the size of your face. Check out the picture! Yes, that's TWO fish fillets.

Pittsburgh still has the big Christmas tree up downtown (yes, I know it’s the 14th of January, what's your point?), so on the way back to the newspaper I thought I should take a picture of it. What’s funny is that as I was thinking about taking a picture of the tree, Amanda asked me to take her picture in front of it. What’s that they say about great minds?

Wednesday, January 7

I'm famous

Well, not really. I’m back in Pittsburgh, PA this week and next, upgrading the Post-Gazette to a new version of software. I’ve been to Pittsburgh several times over the past, oh, I’d say 7 years – crikey, has it really been that long? – and I’m pretty good friends with most of the people here. Anyway, my friends Ced and Tim record a podcast once a week called Tech Talk, and yesterday they asked me to join them. It was fun – we just sat around a table talking about different technology-related news articles. I’m not sure why, but Ced assigned the article about on-line dating to me… What does that mean?

You know how when you listen to your voice on a recording (video or audio) and it doesn’t sound at all like your voice sounds in your head? I know it’s me on the recording, but it doesn’t sound like what I think I sound like. OK, I’m rambling now…

So, I’m really not famous (they jokingly say they only have a 3-person listenership – is that a word? Spell check offers "listener ship" and "listeners hip" as alternatives) – but if you want to listen (it’s a little long, so you can fast forward as needed), click here: Tech Talk 01/06/09